I have discovered a mix like the Limitless pill

It's a mix producing the effects of the limitless pill and it is possible for it to increase visual perceptions, audio perception, tactile perception, intelligence, speed and precision of motion permanently.
It also grows your brain a bit.
I tried it on myself a few times and it's working in an interesting way.
I'm sure I can develop super visual and hearing abilities, as well as the capacity to move in space extremely fast and precisely all the time
All details are here:


  • Could you at least provide something remotely comparable to a scientific look at this mixture before asking for bitcoins? Correct me if I'm wrong but I see a lot of "might" and "maybe" claims but no hard data. Side effects? Risks? A controll group? Measured brain activity levels?

    Mixing a bunch of psychoactive substances sure has "interesting" effects on your perception of reality tho. Not exactly something to recommend to an unexperienced person.

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    I'm not trying to be a downer but this seems like an accident waiting to happen. All of the claims in your pastbin are very impressive (though there is no evidence that any of it has been properly tested) and someone who doesn't know what to watch out for might not take the proper precautions thinking that they are about to get superhero like abilitys. Have you done double blind trials or even any trials besides "I tried it on myself a few times and it's working in an interesting way." this is how someone ends up in the hospital from trying some mysterious "smart" drug. If your claims are at all true then that is amazing but before you start promoting it start making sure it is safe and actually has any benefit. Bring proof of claims before you start yelling from the rooftops that you found the miracle drug that solves everything from autism to coma.

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    When moving in space, how far can you go? Like can you make it to the moon? Do you have to redose on the way? Also when your brain grows a bit, what type is it? A Phillip's head seems like it would be way more useful.
  • Obviously nonsense is obvious. Lay off the drugs and next time show up with real data or gtfo. Thread closed.

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