Biohacking Course

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Yo so this is the academic thing I made and how I made it

What Even Is Biohacking

I classify Biohacking into three different categories chemical mods genetic mods and implantable tech. At the intersection of these things you get different groups of biohackers such as grinders who mainly focus on nootropics (chemical mods) and implants. On the other hand you have the DIYBio people and iGEM people who focus on and use genetic engineering. Based on this I then investigated what skills you need to do these different things and found academic categories which teach these skills. I then created levels for these skills and put them on a chart.

I created theses levels by taking every topic and further breaking them down into subtopics and running that into a stepped sigmoid function to get the overall level. For example, for biology I took the subject and divided it into what I think are the 5 most important for biohackers.

After doing this for all of them I found relevant courses for each topic and right now I am finding relevant courses for each level. So that as you progress it might start out at like a high school level and go all the way to a graduate level. As this project develops I'll post more but it's already become a huge undertaking so it might be a while between posts The next post will be showing the specific courses I have lined of for the biology track.

PS: The way you determine the numbers for the sub categories is based on a test that I am still working on


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