Where can I get a BCI implant and computer.


  • I need help with this.

  • There are so many things wrong here, First what do you mean by bci implant bc a true brain computer interface doesn't exist and won't for a long time read this and get back to us on the bci part next you'd need someone willing to do brain surgery on you as far as I know nobody is ready and willing to this and how did you post this because what ever you used to is a computer

  • I kind of think we need to make some kind of new rule and perhaps update the Start Here thread. This is a place where grinders interface. It isn't a place for people who don't know what google is, or where to find a best buy. It isn't a place for 12 year olds to seek guidance and acceptance. It's ok to be a beginner. It's to come here with misconceptions.. It's not really ok to come here to ask dumb questions because you're too lazy to look things up yourself. This really isn't ok.
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