Does this look like it is healing properly

So Saturday morning I got a Haworth magnet put in and to close it up I used a steri strip with a little antibiotic cream then put a bandaid over that to keep it dry and to keep contaminants off of it. I was wondering if based on this picture it looks as if it is healing correctly.



  • It needs more air. Leave the bandaid off periodically and lay off the ointment.
  • What you're seeing is called wound maceration. It's worth looking up.
  • I have a flexDF which is giant, and when he installed it, it like barely bled and I constantly put isopropyl alcohol on it so I had trouble getting it to close back up and was super paranoid and left my stitches in forever. Yours looks like its healing great haha. If you've been rubbing it on a new york city sidewalk, put some isopropyl alcohol on it. It causes it to heal slower because it kills good bacteria as well as bad but put it on and let it evaporate if you need it. other than that, maybe let it air out a little, but moisture is good. put some Neosporin on it and keep it covered. that should keep it moisturized and keep it from drying up and coming open. swap your bandage once a day, maybe twice if you're tweaking out, but your chances of it getting infected are really low now that it's over with and installed. It looks ideal.

  • what are you basing "moisture is good" on?

  • That is terrible advice. Don't do anything briefcase said. I don't know if you're getting to joke or what but that is terrible aftercare. Alcohol is shit at killing most of the worst infectious agents. All you're doing is killing competition. You're also killing healing tissue which delays healing and increases scarring. Don't put anything in a wound you wouldn't put in your eye. Neosporin is shit. Neomycin was the 2010 allergen of the year and shouldn't be used except for shallow scrapes. It delays healing and a huge proportion of people get dermatitis. A better option is simple vaseline. Research has shown it to decrease scarring and decrease healing time... except not for this. Keep it dry. You don't need an ointment and the problem you're having is maceration.
  • Also. Take out the stitch at the appropriate time. Stitches act like a wick and increase the likelihood of infection drastically.
  • Wicking is the whole reason I didn't use stitches. As for maceration it cleared up after about an hour or two of leaving only the steri strip on and removing the bandaid.
  • Awesome. Good luck.
  • oops lol well listen to Cassox maybe that's why mine took forever lmao

  • Sorry if I was harsh. I actually thought you were trolling. Yeah, I've seen a lot of people have issues simply because their artist didn't teach proper aftercare.
  • So as a follow up question, it looks to have healed properly but I can feel it under the skin and it looks as if I can possibly see it a little bit through the skin. Is it too shallow and given this does it appear to be at risk for rejection.

  • Can you take a couple pics?
  • @Cassox I am not sure if the pictures are high enough quality if they aren't I will dig out my dslr.

  • It looks good to me. I'd ice 15 min for 3 times a day and take ibuprofen 800 every 6 hours to prevent inflammation.
  • @cassox so one last question sorry to bother you so much. In the case that it was too shallow, when would know if it is going to reject. I am a week and a half in and it seems like it is too shallow but I don't really have a reference to base it on. At the one month mark should it be safe to assume that unless the coating fails that it should not be coming out without external intervention. Sorry for all the questions I just am nervous that it is not deep enough and this is the only chance that I have to do this for the foreseeable future due to work.

  • It didn't look shallow to me; however, what will happen is you'll start getting lots of flaking skin. Eventually enough will flake off that the magnet can be seen and you can pretty much squeeze it out. Did you do the procedure?
  • A friend did it. In the case that it is going to come out how long will it take for it to become obvious.

  • That's totally variable. 3 weeks maybe.
  • @Cassox So I just went to close my laptop and my I made the mistake of putting my finger with the magnet too close to the magnet on the lid of the laptop. When my finger got close the magnet in my finger completely turned under the skin. This seems like it is probably really bad any feedback is greatly appreciated. Did I just fuckup the new nerves that are growing?

  • @dr4gon You’re more than likely fine. In fact, you probably just experienced your first magnetic sensation so congrats! I can only speak for my TiN costed magnet but it probably didn’t flip at this point in the healing procedure. I assume you have a MacBook and from what I’ve felt, the magnets in the lid aren’t extremely powerful. I would recommend keeping your finger away from the speaker grill as I find that’s way more powerful.
  • Nah. You'll be fine. Hurts eh? I usually tell people to keep a steristrip over it for the first month. The small amount of tension does wonders preventing stuff like that.
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