magnet placement

I have seen a lot of people putting the magnet on side of their ring finger on the pinky side of the hand, is there a reason you should go for this rather than the thumb side of your hand.



  • There are a lot of nerves in your fingertip

  • One possible reason is that the ring finger is substantially longer than the pinky, and would rub against it less, causing less irritation. The middle finger is typically longer than the ring, however, and would result in more contact and likely more irritation.

  • Going off of what misslitty said, the ring finger also tends not to have to deal with as much use as the index finger or thumb. This decreases chances of rejection, and can improve sensitivity in the long term.

  • I understand why it is put in the ring finger I was just working why it is put on the outer side of the finger it seems to be an awkward position to put your hand in. I do see the advantage of it not rubbing on the middle finger.
  • Well, the old idea about this was actually related to sensory territories and innovation. Digit 4 has regions innervate by both the ulnar nerve and the median nerve. By implanting on the medial surface you have a magnet in the ulnar region (in SAP). You can then implant another into the medial surface of digit 3.. which is innervate by the median nerve. The rational is that by involving both nerve your brain may somehow adjust and provide superior ability to sense things. There are some cool studies where they sutured digits 3 and 4 together and after a certain length of time your brain treats it as a single finger. The changes could be seen via scans from the brain. I think it was a Pet scan while using the hand. Either way, there really isn't any evidence that it makes any difference.
  • I personally did it because I use the outside edge less. Common things like holding my phone or using a computer mouse end up rubbing on the thumb side so it made sense to implant on the pinky side.

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