I wanna get into the grinder scene.

I learned about this wonderful community yesterday and I want to get into the biohacking scene. I already have a couple ideas on what implants i want:
1. RFID chip
2. Sensor magnets in my ears
3. VivoKey chip (Already contacted them on it)

I wanted to get the north sense implant but it's been sold out for over a year now unfortunately, any alternatives would do.
I've been largely considering getting the first two from dangerous things and I want to find an alternative to the north sense.


  • Well before u do any of this u may want to wait a bit to see if u still want to do this later and also when u wait u can learn more about this stuff. And consider the possible risks.

    Ps. I may be being a buzz kill but this isn’t something to jump into after learning about it for a day.

    Also welcome to the board
  • Welcome H311B01, glad you found us.

    I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but I'm with JakePunk on this one. The implants you're interested in are all pretty top tier. I would plan to devote a significant chunk of time (3 months to a year) to each one of those before moving on to another. There's healing time and waiting to see if they reject, plus the associated tech hurdles. They're all really cool options, though. I'm especially excited for the VivoKey.

    As for an alternative to the North Sense, you could consider an external device in the mean time. If you've ever messed around with electronics, you could make your own version to mount in your waistband or something. I made one with a BBC Micro Bit, little vibration motor, and a battery.
  • sensor magnets in the ears won't do too much. rfid-implant is pretty straight forward if you have someone to do it for you. If you do it yourself you'll have to prepare very well. more advanced stuff requires even more preparations

  • I think by sensor magnets in the ears, he means tragus implants that are used to convey sound transmitted by an inductive loop hung around the neck.
  • It's lit being a cyborg so definitely do it. I went straight for the biggest implant I could find. Go to Brian he lives in Brooklyn but make sure you bring him a box of pop tarts otherwise he won't do it.

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