Planning on making an implant

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the bio hacking scene. I'm planning on making implant and was wondering what coating is the most recommended? Also I can only buy the magnets size I want in bulk and will have extra, 99 extra to be exact, so if I do decide to coat them myself I'll run them through tests and post the results.



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    The coating processes are incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive. You are going to need an approximate budget of ~$1000 and knowledge pertaining to the specific coating material. There's multiple potential coatings available, each with advantages and disadvantages with varying levels of difficulty in the coating process.

    It would be virtually impossible for you to do a Ti or a TiN coating yourself, parylene and other resins used for medical implants are a better option in regard to difficulty and budget. Different resins have different coating procedures such as vapor deposition, which although difficult, could be achieved with a small budget.

    As much as I would love to help you coat your own magnets, I also have to mention that there are resources for biocompatible magnets. But there is always work to be done to improve, so if you're dedicated people on this forum such as myself will be willing to help your project succeed.

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