Really small NFC Bank Card

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In my country, we have these small NFC credit cards (a little bigger than a phone sim card) that we can make payments with like, everywhere.It's intended to be used with the bracelet that came with.As i do not like wearing bracelets not even a wristwatch, i was wondering how can i keep it with me if possible all the time and not worrying about forgeting it home.There are 3 parts, The bracelet, the "case" that holds the card and the card.I tried using the card without the case but it's not read by phone without it ( didn't tried with a POS Terminal).Here are some pics
So if anyone have any ideea how can i "wear" it without the bracelet please, write to me.I just don;t have any good ideas :)
Implanting it was the best thing i would have done if wasn't that black case.


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    Hey RaelAdir.
    It's possible the case that holds the card has some functionality as well. As far as I know, these contactless payment methods have three parts:
    >an immutable ID portion
    >a rewritable memory portion
    >a coil

    Sometimes they are all contained in one chip, but they may have been split up in this case for ease of manufacturing. Assuming it's not illegal to tamper with these devices, you could do some testing with the disassembled bracelet at an unmanned kiosk and get back to us with the details.

    If you can normally read it with your phone then it must be operating around 13.56MHz. If it's operating at lower RFID frequencies you won't be able to read it with your phone, just the designated readers. I'm having difficulty finding technical specs on that bracelet or VISA Electron cards in general.
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