November meetup Ca 18, 19, 20

Hey, for those not on slack we're having an open lab on the 18th, 19th and 20th in tehachapi. We've been doubt a ton of new bioactive coating work and for those that want to give up some skin, I'm looking for beta testers. There is a doc crew that wants to roll up although i haven't committed yet. Also, it's a great time to come get a magnet or chip placed. Hope to see you there.


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    I most likely will not be able to attend, but I love to see new developments and such.

    Cheering on good results and keeping eyes on. Hehe

    Wait... Was this for last year, 2018 meetups, or for 2019? :L It was near the top on the first page, so if I just necroposted a year... I'm a little confused on thread placement. Bomb this if so. Lol

    Just found my mistake. Pinged on announcements. ~3~

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    I think this was for November 18, 19, 20 of 2018

    But, Grindfest is about a month away (May 3-5, 2019), also in Tehachapi, so this is still relatively timely!

  • Just before my Birthday! hehe

    Will be watching for related info, then ~3~ Thank you Tekniklr

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