• "Fuck Cheetahs!"

  • Really exciting and good press to boot. Thanks!
  • So is anyone on the forum in the video?
  • Yup - Tim Cannon 
  • It's good, but why the shitting on Lepht?
  • Yeah, good article BUT, what the fuck! L's blog getting misused like that? That episode had nothing to do with her work...
  • I guess that explains the recent surge of activity on the discussion boards.

    I hate the way they portrayed Lepht in the article, though...
  • I didn't see it as shitting on L, but I do think it was a bit misrepresenting. I don't know if that was an editing thing or what. Calling Lepht "crazy" was more of a term of endearment I think. Crazy like that's so fucking mind blowingly ballsy. Lepht is a risk taker, but all risks have been calculated pretty well from what I can tell.

  • rdbrdb
    edited August 2012
    "But while Anonym’s renegade approach to bettering her own flesh birthed a new generation of grinders, it seems to have had some serious long-term consequences for her own health. ... 'I’m hearing things that aren't there.'"

    They are making a direct connection between Lepht's experimentation with implants and Lepht's recent blog posts, which is of course unfounded and rather nonsensical.  To most people, auditory hallucinations is the primary association with "crazy".  All in all, it sounds a little too much like "Grinding made Lepht crazy" to me.
  • rdb: agree! +1
  • Also: they completely ignored Lepht's stated preference not to be referred to as "she"/"her" - something we're not all that great on here, either, folk...

    (In the comments here and here for reference - grep for "pronoun")
  • Yeah, I agree.  I do think that they were misrepresenting L a fair amount.  Granted, it's still fairly crazy compared to, say, Warwick, but I think that it deserves more credit than it often gets.  For example, when people talk about its use of vegetable knives and vodka, they forget that those were both one-time things.

    And yes, L prefers 'it' as a pronoun.  It's something you get use to after working with it for a while.

  • Oh goodness. Tim and Shawn are libertarians too?

    I actually moved to New Hampshire from the Houston area in 2008 for the Free State Project. As far as libertarianism goes, it's ... well, stimulating, to say the least.

    If there are more libertarians here, who would consider moving, I definitely recommend checking it out. There's a pretty respectable "techno-libertarian" strain. (Along with an annoying contingent of idiot anarchists, but few right-wing crazy Christians.) You can find libertarians involved in all sorts of tech groups across the state. The project has made New Hampshire's government noticeably geekier. I have friends who started a makerspace in Nashua. A small group of people in Keene, where I live, is working to start one here as well.

    I especially recommend visiting during PorcFest, which is loads of fun with interesting people.
  • rdbrdb
    edited August 2012
    Libertarianism and anarchism are philosophies that I find to be rather widespread within the grinder community.  I'm aware of the free state project, although New Hampshire would personally not be my state of preference.
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