Bioactive Glass Toxicology

I was wondering if anyone has done some research on the toxicology/biocompatibility of implants. Heavy metal exposure from these implants is definitely a concern, and it seems as though bioactive glass has very little information as well.

Does anyone have access to this paper?
Toxicology and biocompatibility of bioglasses (J Wilson et al, 1981)

It also seems like some of these magnets are coated in gold and cobalt. I would definitely advise against using these implants. ( )


  • The paper you linked concluded:
    "We feel that any material which allows close contact of living cells at its surface, which does not contain leachables which produce inflammation and which does not prevent growth and division of cells in culture, can be considered biocompatible. Such materials are the bioglasses used in the experiments described here. "

    I personally think the Bio-Bond coating (polypropylene) is worth more concern, though even that may be unfounded.

    Transponder-Induced Sarcoma in the Heterozygous p53+/- Mouse

  • That's a great paper thanks. I'd never actually considered using implants for animal testing.

    Biomedic, the company making the implant in this paper has some other research on their devices.

    Seems like all of these implants regardless of the coating might be causing inflammation and cell proliferation.

  • Also a great paper! I think that's the big problem with any implant- there is no way so far to mitigate the foreign body response

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