Depth perception

Hey, a while back I'm pretty sure I read about a woman getting two magnets implanted just behind her ears in order to develop depth perception with her sensing of magnetic fields.

I haven't been able to find anything of this since though. Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone know if it worked?


  • The perceptable range of magnets is like.. An inch maybe? I know exactly who and what you're talking about. No, it didn't work. I think she was actually joking around but the producers of the vid weren't terribly bright.
  • I do recall her. She also had a piece of hardware that would connect behind he head that would notice if someone was behind her and transmit the info to the magnets. The magnets didn't do the work alone. If I remember correctly she is an artist and that was a performance piece. But I can't find other news on her.

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