New to RFID

I've very new to RFID anything, and have a few questions.
1. Where can I find good resources to look up good information? I keep finding 666 lizard people implanting the devils RFID chips.
2. About how expensive is getting started with RFID?
3. What kind of range is normal, and what's the maximum?
4. How long should they last?
5. What does the MHz kHz mean as it relates to RFID chips?
6. How do you program/read them?
7. Does it scar?
This is very much a newbie post, and I don't know what I don't know.


  • Hello

    1. Yes it is a bit difficult first, because this conspiracy sites are the most time on the top.
      Sites for buying Chips: Europe: Facebook Group:

    2. you can find the prices on the homepages, I posted under number 1. I think for the first time, it depends what you like to do is the xNT (high frequency) or the xEM (low freqeuncy)

    3. for the xNT you must touch the reader or phone . If you have the flexNT or flexDF it is about 3 - 5 centimeters (depends on the reader or phone)

    4. what I heard - for your liftime

    5. MHz and kHz are the frequencys. 13,56 MHz is the High Frequency (HF) - you can read it with an phone, which had NFC ( the newer iPhone can read the chips - for writing on the chips you need an Android Phone) The Low Frequency (LF) is for the xEM 125 kHz - you can't read it with a phone, you need a special reader.

    6. the HF with the phone (S8+) programs on the phone: NFC Tools Pro - you can also use the NXP Tag Writer or the Proxmark 3.
      The LF ones - first time I used the blue chinese cloner - but the cloner writes a passwort to the chip - you can only remove it with the proxmark - now I use only the proxmark to write to the LF Chip. For reading you can use the Proxmark or some RFID Readers like the "Halo"

    7. No, and I have 7 Chips implanted :)

    Hopefully this helps - greetings from Austria


  • There's a bit of information in our wiki as well, though it's more focused on the procedure itself.

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