Supermagnetman TiN Batch

I just bought a pack of 10 TiN coated magnets ( After doing my best to clean off the ring of soot that each one had one one side of it, I put them in 5:1 saline solution. After 1 day, 5/10 of them have each formed a tiny bubble in their coatings, but still have magnetism. I plan on leaving them in the solution for around 2 weeks and then examining them under a microscope for any holes that I couldn't see with my naked eye. So far, the results are as I had expected based on the other posts concerning the TiN magnets that SMM sells. (They advertise their parylene magnets as bio-compatible, but explicitly say that their TiN ones are not FDA approved for in-body use). I will continue to update this thread with the results of the remaining 5 magnets as I continue to test them.


  • Even months after placing my SMMs in saline, I've still been getting failures.Out of 50 magnets, around 90 days later I have 19 left. They also don't seem to stop failing.

  • @Imbellis Yeah, that's about consistent with what I've seen from other threads. So far, the five magnets that were okay still haven't had any visible failures, but it's literally the second day they've been in the solution.

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