Goals and Ideas for 2019

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2018 has been a great year for biohacking at least for me, I went to two conferences and the community was healthy and growing quickly at both of them. I think 2019 can be a year of astonishing growth and innovation. Many new and interesting projects are currently in the last parts of their RnD phase as far as I can tell Amal is making progress on the vivo key Livestock Labs and the Grindhouse Wetware crew are doing good as far as I can tell. The forums and the slack chat are active and healthy. But everyone is sorta off doing their own things which is fine but that leaves a lot of people who'd love to help out more than just talking, or who'd like to help but who don't have the means to contribute to any groups in a financial way or who just don't feel like financial support is the way to go. So I've been thinking of ways to try and make goals that anyone can work on but that will yield the most benefit for the whole community. I think the community goals were a great way of motivating and directing the community but there hasn't been any for one or two years now I think, and last time I tried starting them up again I was told the best way is to lead by example so here I go.


Me and @Cassox should have tried the bioactive transdermal coating I've been working on in at least one human by the end of October. As far as I know 2019's grindfest is scheduled for early May. I'm going to use that as a benchmark for the goals that I have in mind feel free to comment and discuss the goals if you have one that you think should be on here tell everyone down below. If you think a goal is too ambitious discuss it, see if you can think of something that is on the same path but more reasonable. With that said I'm going to break up the goals into four categories : Chemical mods (nootropics and such), Genetic/Biological mods, Technological mods, and General Community improvements.

Community Goals

@monroev1225 Had a great idea to start a community biohacking science journal I think that this can be as simple a open google drive where each issue is a folder and that before issue comes out maybe every other month a team of trusted members of the community reviews the papers inside of them fact checking them and such, and on the other months that don't have an issue out there can be a discussion where people can talk about their own results after trying the experiment. I think we could have the 3rd issue done right after grindfest finishes.

I also think the website is great but could be greater, I met a lot of web devs at bhtp and I think that @BirdMachine and @tekniklr would enjoy some of the help. Specifically I was thinking that it would greatly aid discussions if tools such as molview.org, human.biodigital.com, and genome3D could be incorporated. This is a huge task I think that molview is opensource but I don't know I know biodigtal human isn't but it can alr be embedded. I've never used genome3d and if anyone has better suggestion for a gene visualizer, editor and database in one please tell. Also I know there are plenty of pcb making apps online If we could implement and embed of one of those, all the different aspects of biohacking would be represented and brainstorming on the site could reach new heights.

Other than that my goals for the community start getting really vague like I think we should really start to congeal what it means to be a biohacker and how we should solidify the aesthetic and ethos, and there should be better physical nodes i.e. biohacking spaces. But those aren't as solid in my head as the previous two so I'll just leave them for now.

Genetic/Biological mods

I have one goal for this year in this category and it's ambitious I want to opensource mammalian cell culture labs and disseminate the techniques and knowledge on how to work it. This is something that would open Pandora's Box it allows us to have people experiment on human cells without injecting it into someone. It would also allow for some of the out there mods to find a way to possibility. I personally think this is one of the hardest goals on this list but I think it should be a priority because of the possibilities it opens up.
At grindfest I'd like there to be at least one or two machines that are part of a mammalian cell lab already open sourced or at least a path for systematically open sourcing a mammalian cell lab.

Chemical Mods

I think the chemical mod focused people should start by helping improve the wiki. Creating entries for different drugs listing the info known about each with the effects, history, and suppliers.
with things like biodigtal human and molview we might be able to looking at the specific pathways and even start to develop new nootropics.
Other than that I'd like for the community to start separating the woo from this particular aspect of biohacking so that it become more respectable because it is definitely the shadiest and the most looked down upon from of biohacking by the community ( the I ate a sandwich biohacking aspect/remark of this particular type of biohacking).

Technological Mods

This is hopefully going to be the year of functional long term transdermals we should know by the end of the year how the coating performs in humans. If it works as well as it did in the mice than we can start to really experiment with things like ports, skin replaced with tech, and whole new way to have implants interface with the body. Vivo key is looking like it'll become the new standard (replacing nfc, and rfid) and it might reach wider than we expect. I think this year a lot of new implants will be added to list of things that most biohackers get rn it being the nfc, rfid, and magnet. But we will need good designs that are future proof, medically sound, ergonomic, and highly functional.
I personally hope to unveil some new transdermal implants at grindfest


It's up to us as a community to keep advancing, but we also have to be wary of going down paths that could lead to widespread fear, and mistrust of our community. 2019 is looking to be an awesome year but it's also probably going to a highly publicized year because of more people hear about biohacking and that's great but it also opens us up to more criticism and scrutiny than ever before were going to have to stay sharp. I was reading a reporters article on this year's bhtp and in the comments there were plenty of positives but there were also quite a few very negative reports about David Ishee's project. If we do achieve all that's here more and more people will be ready to crackdown on the loose cannon biohackers and I don't think any of us want that

so just keep being awesome but proceed with caution.


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