Top 5 Things That My Brain Did That Surprised Me With My Magnet Implant

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After having a magnet implanted for over 3 months now (See journey here), I've decided to share the top 5 things I've found most interesting. I primarily implanted out of an attempt to expand my senses rather than utility. I find the brain's plasticity quite amazing and these are some of the things that are most surprising.

  1. That "clicking" moment. For some reason, I woke up one morning and I felt a magnetic pull from my AirPods. I've felt it before but this was different. It wasn't like before where my brain consciously new that it was a magnet moving in my finger, but it felt like an indescribable new sense. I didn't realize it until a few seconds after, but that was the moment it "clicked" in my brain.
  2. Not feeling a pull where there should be. I put a magnet in the back of my phone case to be able to feel my phone better in my hand. However, after removing it. It didn't feel quite right holding it - as if something was missing. It's like feeling where you know your wallet isn't in your pocket.
  3. Dreams. This is the most fascinating, because you know that your brain is making the connections for the sensation. I recall having a nightmare of picking up a large magnet and my magnet being ripped out of my finger. I could feel the "dream sensation" just as you can see and hear things in a dream normally.
  4. Expecting other people to feel what you do. What I also found was as I watched videos on YouTube relating to magnets (such as Brainiac75), I was unconsciously "feeling" what the YouTuber would feel when handling a magnet in the same way you can "feel" watching someone get kicked in the groin. I was expecting him to have the same feeling too. It wasn't until I stopped and think about it that I realized how interesting it was.
  5. Getting used to it. Before I implanted, I never thought it would become a normal sensation. I always thought it would be a "special" feeling that would always consciously register. I was wrong. Everyday I feel magnetic pulls and vibrations without much thought, in the same way you use your eyeballs without thinking "Ok cool, I can see light." I'll even find myself subconsciously investigating magnetic fields while bored(like the locations of all the magnetic fields on my laptop) without much of a conscious decision.

I've learned over these few months how much the brain takes over and how little control you really have.
Feel free to ask questions on these things or expand with your own sensations that you found interesting.


  • I got my magnet in February 2018. Must travel to Germany, because in Austria we have very strict bodymod rules.
    On the next day I visited a friend in a library - the field from the security gates was amazing ( I was able to feel it from 1 meter away) What I thought was, wouldn't this be dangerous for people with a peacekeeper?

    I visit her again in July - and the field was a bit different - maybe also stronger - couldn't say it exactly, because, feeling the first time a magnetic field is amazing.

    During the time from February to now - I changed the job, we had similar cutting machines for sausages. I was in the new job - working for 2 month and suddenly I feel the magnetic field from the on / offbutton this was about the first week of August.

    On my macbook air, in the near of the caps lockbutton, I feel a light pull, and the fun stuff is, you can turn your macbook off, when you slide in your finger in the near of this button: ^

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