testing for dangerous heavy metal and other unwanted things.


  • Well, im doing some tests now. I'll tell you how I'm doing it and maybe someone will have a suggestion. I'm using a sodium sulfide solution. Its @ 0.5 percent. Im starting with an immersion test.. Just drop the glass in and see how it goes. But I'm not 100 percent that this is good enough for glass, so I'm also going to soak another set of vials in a 10 percent acetic acid solution for a few weeks and then add the sodium sulfide solution. In theory, the acetic will extract some of the lead out of the glass. I'm not sure if this method will work. Fortunately ive got some leaded glass as a positive control.
  • @Cassox What was the molar concentration of the solution?

  • Something like 6.4mM
  • Perhaps? Maybe i calculated the molar concentrate incorrectly?
    Im using the mean value reported in NISTIR 6398: Spot Test Kits For Detecting Lead In Household Paint: A Laboratory Evaluation.
    The values were reported in percent concentration rather then mole. The mean was 0.51g per 100ml. I got a molar weight of 78.0452 g per mol. From that i got 65.34675 mM.
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