How can we manufacture implant Magnet

So I was wondering how hard it will be for me or someone else to make TiN magnets and how hard it would be to have other coatings on the magnets. The reason for this thread is pretty much I or someone else wants to start making biocompatible magnets and I want to know how to plate them in a way that there is two coatings and I was thinking of TiN and some other coatings that can be apply that will bond to human flesh so that the seance will be much stronger.

What I think I need to know. Please add anything that you think will help.

1. How to plate the magnets?

2. What coatings will bond to human flesh?

3. How to test them in large numbers effectively?


  • Regarding mass testing, I'd recommend making a 1L ~2% salt solution with a little detergent of dish-soap to reduce surface tension. I'd then get as many 1ml bottles as needed and add the solution with the magnet.

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