Non-permanent painless magnet install

Hello people of the internet.
I am 16 year old boy and I really want a magnet implant, but I'm a bit scared so I came up with very easy, fast, safe, cheap, non-permanent and the best of all: painless way to get a magnet "implant". It takes 10-20 minutes with the preparation. Total costs of the supplies were less than $15.
Now you might be wondering how is this even possible? Well, here is how I did it:

Medical grade thread $5
Medical tape $3
Magnet (I used N35 1x5 mm from ebay, no special coating is needed) $1/20 pcs.
96% Alcohol $5/100 ml

Needle (short and slim is ideal)

1. Take some alcohol and put the magnet, needle and thread (you will need about 10 cm) into it. Let sit for a few minutes.
2. Rub your hands, the working area and the treated place with alcohol.
3. Prepare your needle: put the thread through and make a knot on one end, the other should be lose.
4. Poke it through the first layer of your skin on the working area. If you feel pain you are doing something wrong. There shouldn't be any blood.
5. Make a loop big enough to fit the magnet and poke it through the skin again.
6. Put the magnet through the loop and tighten it. Be careful not to tear the skin.
7. Cut most of the remaining thread.
8. Take a small piece of tape and tape it all over.
9. Make sure it isn't too tight! The magnet should be able to move slightly.

And that's basically all there is to it. Now, let me explain how it works.
The thread is closer to your nerves and makes your feel the magnet better while the tape holds everything in place.

I think this is an interesting thing you can try at home. You can experience some of sensations only "magnet people" have.

I will use the comment section and I will update you about it. My goal is to make it last for a month so I can really experience even the more complex sensations.

I added a picture of how mine magnet turned out.


  • Day 1: It took a few hours to settle but now I can feel the fan in my laptop spinning. It's so cool. I can also sense things like magsafe magnet, power supply coils, microwave oven transformer etc. No complications yet.

  • I would suggest against using thread, it's not necessary, and you should be able to get very similar results just by using only the tape.

  • I had pretty good, tho quite temporary results just using crazy glue. I had to reglue it about every 12 hours, but kept it for 3 days or so. Even just 3 days was enough to recognize a noticable change in sensitivity and perception.

  • @Grazerquart said:
    I would suggest against using thread, it's not necessary, and you should be able to get very similar results just by using only the tape.

    Correct one of my friends tried it :) And she was able to feel the magnetic field from the security gates.

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    This is far more dangerous than you likely realize, as this is a non inert (biocompatible) transdermal implant. Just because it isn't in the blood doesn't mean there isn't potential for biotoxicity or an immune response, particularly in transdermal implants.

    In the VERY short term there won't be any major side effects, or any effects at all. That includes magnetism, as you will only be able to feel very strong fields via a very minor vibration. Even when the magnet is 2x the size and implanted in direct contact with nerve endings the range of sensation within the first week is minimal. It takes a long time for it to work.

    The other thing is that the sensation you feel now is virtually the most you'll ever get from this magnet. You didn't touch any of the nerve endings and sensation will not increase as they grow back given that there is none to grow back.

    I said virtually the most you'll ever get because your ability to process the new stimuli will increase through the process of neuroplasticity, but given the limited stimulation your over all ability to detect and process stimuli is drastically reduced.

    This implant may have been a fun experiment, but it is not safe or practical and shouldn't be recommended to anybody who doesn't understand the full science surrounding it particularly without an inert coating.

    Edit: You also need to consider the fact that with all implants, particularly transdermal, the immediate immune response to a non inert foreign object is to begin sending T cells to prevent infection and then increase tissue cell production and fluid to push out the object. This will be particularly strong in this instance because the transdermal implant doesn't even go through the entire dermis and has no material that binds to tissue like Parylene C or other residues like Cassox's.

    If you want to implant a full magnet safely message me. I'd be happy to help you out with the procedure and explain any information you should know, and make sure to purchase a safe, proven magnet like Cassox's.

  • I found krazy glow to be safer and to have a stronger affect then this new method and I get the idea
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