why put a magnet in your hand instead of any other location?

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Hi everyone. I've been reading the historical posts and learning a lot.

I was just wondering: If the magnet is intended to sense electric and magnetic activity in the surroundings, what is the benefit of putting it in the hand? Why not neck, ankle, armpit, calf or navel?

I'm gonna have one put in and I'd like to know what is the best place and why.


  • From my understanding, it'd due to the high density of nerve endings in the hands, which increases your sensitivity to magnetic fields.

  • So there are two main options, hand and ear. The hand is a lot more useful for most people(not all). The reason the hand is as imbellis said nerve endings. the ring finger or in some cases with larger magnets in between the trapezoidal and medicare bone of the pointer finger are the most common places in the hand. The advantages of the ring finger are that there are lots of nerve ending and it is arguably the most useless finger due to its low grip strength and lack of high dexterity. The main advantage of having it between the thumb and pointer is that one it has a lot more area to work with so you can put in a much bigger magnet if you are interested in being able to lift bigger things and secondly in most cases it is less likely to get used as much during the healing stage if you work with your hands a lot so it is less likely to reject. I prefer the ring because it have better sensing capability.

  • to be a bit more precise: it's not nerve-endings as such but the high density of mechanoreceptors.

    Magnets act like a transducer. They convert the present magnetic field into tiny motion/vibration. This motion is very small so you need a lot of mechanoreceptors to pick it up. Luckily your fingers are "designed" to exactly that. Fingerprints serve the purpose of generating vibration when you move them over a surface so you can feel even the smallest particles.

    Or in short: if you want to use magnets for sensing you have to put them into the fingertips because that's the only place they work for this purpose.

  • ok something different now, i implanted magnets to try and help with pain management as have a serious shoulder injury. i have 7 magnets implanted in both left and right hand. here it is as follows: LEFT hand locations, pinky and ring finger.
    RIGHT hand is pinky, ring and middle finger then side on right hand opposite thumb and then top of wrist (R) where ones watch is,
    NOW for the results of pain management, i was taking an average of about 40 pain killers a day ranging from cocodamol , tramadol, liquid morphine. and as i type this now i have NOT taken any pain relief at all for years. now how does this work, its very in-depth, but it works for me. attached 4 pics showing locations.

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