helpful viruses disusing the feasibility and other potential ideas that this could be used for

hey guys been a while
Just saw a video from a channel on youtube and wanted to discuss. I think this is really cool!
in the video the person developed a virus that would insert a plasmid containing a gene that makes a lactose enzyme to effectively cure his lactose intolerance. potentially this could be used for a number of intolerances.


  • here is a link incase you were interested

  • yeah, that person is @chironex . That's my lab. He was my room mate at the time. Cool that you'e excited :) We've been tightening up that protocol and working on some other stuff too. Viral vectors are pretty standard tech if you have the hardware to grow them. Very useful.

  • ya looking at a way to do this without the need of viruses and think we found a solution. it'll be a slow burner though till we can test it. busy with other projects at the moment. Glad you liked the video! Got lots more hard core bio stuff coming up, primarily making spider silk grow in yeast amongst other bits and bobs

  • well I found it fascinating! love the videos, didn't realize you were the same people.

  • Yup! Got lots more bio videos coming up. Just waiting on stuff in the mail

  • Rad as. Do you think you could do a video on your protocol for growing/maintaining/storing viral vectors?

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