Risks of playing with magnet too soon?

7 days ago I had a local body modder implant one of Samppa's cylinder magnets (coated in parylene-C I think) in between my thumb and forefinger. Healing is going very well, she used a 3mm needle to make a hole that the magnet then went through - no rejection, no infection, everything's going swimmingly. Like I'm sure a lot of us have tried who has a magnet, I have tried picking up a couple paperclips and other small, light metal objects. No magnets or larger objects though.

I was told "don't play with it for 4 weeks at least!" and I've heard of people being told not to play with it for two months, even. And it got me thinking, why shouldn't I play with it? Might sound like a silly question because I know it's healing. But what actually are the risks of playing with it "too early"? Is there a chance it could reject despite the wound being closed and scabbed over?


  • Tried to upload images but I don't think it worked. Here's what it looks like

  • Although I've not implanted one myself, I've heard that excessive use during the healing process damages/reduces the nerves that come close to the magnet - lessening your sensitivity to the magnet. In addition, some try to increase nerve growth by taking B-complex and increase sensitivity, but I'm unsure about how much that helps.

  • @Imbellis Although that may be true there's not enough nerves around the area I've got mine in for it to be any good at sensing anything anyway. It's a magnet for lifting, a pricey party trick pretty much. So if that's the only concern I should have, I should be fine playing with it now, but I'm not sure just yet.
  • My Bodymod says also two month - it was a very hard time, I lifted only after one month 2 paperclips. In my case I have the magnet in the ringfinger - sensation is so amazing - I have also the zylinder.

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