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Thank you all for input I understand now that in order to get a response beyond criticism and links to other peoples work I need to be very specific in my question and wording. Good day to you all:)


  • I absolutely love that you made this eternal struggle; that has stumped philosophers, alchemists, scientists, and occultists since the dawn of reason; a contest on this forum, that has no reward, and that expires in less than five months.

  • For a non-sarcastic answer: it can't currently be done. There are a multitude of factors involved in aging that still aren't fully understood. There is quite a bit of research currently being done, but a solution doesn't yet exist.
    You sound like you aren't quite familiar with the subject @nathanielryan, so I recommend you start with this wikipedia article, and then just start reading reading research papers.

  • Tekniklr. Clearly you have never had the joy of a brain teaser. The reward is possibly joining together and creating immortality/an extended life span
    While this challenge may not get results it will get the community to think. If you are going to use sarcasm when somebody suggests something impossible first read the book scythe then look at 1900 when space travel was in books and comics but in 2018 private companies are developing their own rockets. I suggest you rethink your views on this subject as in 100 years this community could have already developed a way to preserve human life forever. Your type of thinking in anything impossible stays that way is the same type of thinking that will keep any new thing aliens/time travel/ teleporting from becoming reality since when some guy/girl ends up developing it you will deny them credibility as those things are currently impossible and will never cease to be. Watch the fourth kind entirely and come back to me later.
  • If the point is to stimulate growth in the community, I'd suggest that you make it far far more focused. Like, asking if we can produce a wheat that provides all essential amino acids is way different then saying, "how can we eliminate world hunger?"
  • How can we take the human brain and have it able to interface and directly control robotic appendages
  • Ok. That's already been done. Like 15 years ago I think by Warwick? You might look up how he did it if you're interested. A lot of people here are interested in making a similar array.
  • @nathanielryan said:
    How can we take the human brain and have it able to interface and directly control robotic appendages

    Read the sub-forum. Some of the most recent published lab work is here.

  • We need to find a way to do more with BMI. Not just interpret brain signals to control, we need to interface with the signals not just read them. If we can find a way to do that then it would be like actually having a extra limb in the way you could control it
  • It's a good goal, albeit a bit lofty. Where would you begin?
  • I'd start with dumpster diving outside a research facility.

  • @nathanielryan said:
    If we can find a way to do that then it would be like actually having a extra limb in the way you could control it

    Seriously, read the sub-forum. The research is already being done, and people have fiddled with it a bit here. Labs have successfully created sensations of both pressure & pain in prosthetic limbs. It's just a bit beyond what most people can do at home due to the invasive nature of the link.

    That japanese research in my second link is interesting because it shows that through training you can learn to use a third limb as part of your body. Also of note is that they only used 9 electrodes, F3, Fz, F4, C3, Cz, C4, P3, Pz, and P4, for the operation of the device.

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    You expect an internet forum to solve one of the most legendary answers that ever was? Come on.

    Now from the scientific perspective, you could extend human lifespan by repairing the cellular DNA's telomeres, but you cannot stop the physical and physiological wear that the body experiences.

    Sure, simple neural interfaces have been done before but there's no secret to creating a true, perfect direct neural interface. You could do it, even today, that is if you somehow can dig out, hundreds of microscopic nerves out of your spinal cord/brain stem, identify each one and then reliably connect them to wires without causing nerve damage. All that without killing your patient.

    It's literally like taking a pair of tweezers, and attempting to rewire the silicon die of an integrated circuit with your bare hands. All that while it's turned on and expecting it to work afterwards.

    One suggestion I have is that instead of spending your life by trying to find a way to achieve immortality, you should try to make the time you already have worthwhile.

  • I know I was a bit brusque, but let's avoid questioning each other's thinking with phrasing like, "are you even thinking straight".
  • You know what I would find more interesting? What is the state of the pursuit of immortality? I know Parish is doing amazing things. I believe her approach focuses on lengthening telomeres no? There was a lot of stuff a few years back about calorie restriction and intermittent fasting. There are tons of supplements and meds.. for example metformin. What's the current trend? Feel free to throw in bullshit products and explain why it's bullshit?
  • The latest research I've seen was that paper I posted on hippocampal stimulation through microinjections, which I found fascinating due to it restoring some decayed neural structures.

    And then there's this paper on successful transplant of lab-grown lungs into pigs, which provides hope for organ replacement as a component of life extension. Though it is worth noting that the new lungs were grown on a decellurized structure, so you still need a donor organ for the moment.

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