How do you remove an implanted chip?

Do you take an injection to dissolve the chip or you need surgery?


  • there is no injection to dissolve implanted chips.

    it's a minor procedure to have someone cut it out of you.
  • Is it a flex or in a glass tube?

  • @Cassox said:
    Is it a flex or in a glass tube?

    I'm new to biohacking, I was wondering what safeguards like removing the chip are there in case I would regret implanting a chip.

    Could you explain both cases to me?

  • If it's a glass tube kind, and does not have a 'biobond' coating, then to remove it you just make a small incision at one end of the implant, and just sort of squeeze it out. It should just pop out of the cut, kinda like popping a pimple.

    If it's a glass tube that does have the 'biobond' type stuff, then I think you'd have to really cut it out along with a bit of tissue, cos the biobond stuff is there to prevent it being removed. I think the only ones that have that coating are tags meant for animals.

    I don't know how to get the flex-type tags out but I suspect it's the reverse of how you put them in. I.e. make an incision then remove it with tweezers.

  • If you are already thinking of how to remove it I would take a look at what you are going to be using it for and maybe try using a nfc key tag first. I have one in my left hand and it isn't noticeable and does not impact my life negatively. I am still able to do rock climbing with it in my hand so it should not stop you from being active. If you are unsure just wait for a little bit. A little patience can be good who know you may discover that you do not really have a use for it or even better a new generation might come out and you may discover new uses for yourself, that being said if you already have uses for the current generation I would not wait for the next generation because there will always be something better and you will be waiting forever.
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