Toxic Substance Test / Material Safety Data

Some of us talked about what makes A RFid better than B RFid. It was fairly speculative until @Cassox shared a thread from the DT forum showing various tests that they've conducted. One test was a lead test because they claim some cheap RFid tags contain traces of lead in the 'Bioglass'.

Since several of us are exploring alternatives to the already well known products I thought it would be good to take responsibility and conduct testing while doing it. I created the following document to record testing results:

At the moment it only contains lead tests, we could expand this if someone has ideas what else to test for.

There is a second part to the document and that is the Material Safety Data. A lot of work is going into coating research and some potentially good materials have been found but not always accessible to everyone. For many people it is easier to grab a 'coating' from the hardware store than to hunt down medical grade materials.

This imposes a huge safety issue to anyone wanting to explore biohacking but doesn't put in the time to research first. The second part of the document lets us share information regarding materials that we have looked into and their levels of biocompatibility. It can give us a quick glance of what to stay away from and what might be interesting to look into.

I think it would be especially useful to share information on the biocompatible materials, it's harder to find something safe than dangerous in my opinion.

Any comments suggestions let me know.

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