Temperature Sensor Implantable Tag+halo reader questions


  • I have the white Reader - I get it from my friend - he bought it from digiwell.

    I think in the first weeks, the bodytemperature is wrong (it shows me only 32-34 degrees)

    On the 4th of July, I got the xBT implanted (inside of the upper arm)

  • @Sandra where exactly in your arm did you put it? I was thinking of putting it in my arm but don't want to cause any problems by hitting muscle or anything else important. Is the process for the arm the same as the hand(in between the thumb and pointer finger)?
  • I don't know, I only heard from people who put it in the upper arm.

    Here are some pictures from the installation :)


  • @Sandra The link to the pictures from the installation is broken. Could you give an update on the temperature readings from the chip after the first few weeks? Do you know of anyone who has implanted it in another location?

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