Magnet Coating Test Data

It came up in a thread that "We have a shit load of people doing saline tests" and it could be helpful to have the data collected and easily viewed. With some input from Cassox I put together this document.

The file was borrowed the original Subdermal Implant Data document and some changes were made to it.
The PLEASE READ tab has a basic guide.
There is a sample entry now, it can be erased after a few real entries are added.

At the moment there are only Saline Tests, if there are ideas for additional testing we can add a new tab.

There is a second document being prepared for toxic substance tests.

I think these documents can help everyone a lot when it comes to safety.
If we can easily analyse and see the test results made by everyone we can make more informed decisions for ourselves.
Members running tests might want to compare results to tests made by others, some members cannot run tests themselves and rely on the data from others, some members are too lazy to read through pages of threads before slicing themselves open and shoving stuff inside.
In any situation this makes the data more accessible to the community.

Leave your opinion or suggestions if you'd like.

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