First Rfid reader/writer for both HF and Lf..?

Beginner stage.
I'm in a huge dilemma, a white Chinese Rd/wr, a 60$ Proxmark Easy or put like 300€ and get the latest Proxmark3 Rdv 4.0. Each of them with benefits..user friendly and mobility / cheap to start and to learn with for a professional tool / great design, improved performance and versatility.In a big dilemma here, any imput is appreciated. Cheers.


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    HF can be done with an Arduino and a reader/writer module for about $5. Or you can use an app like NFC tools and your phone for free.

    LF is more complicated, because you have 2 frequencies to choose from and several formats.

    Do you need an almighty all in one or are you open to whatever?

    For under $10 you can get a cloner and some tags. It only copies 125khz tags and format is limited.

    For $15 there is a magical creature that does 13.56mhz and 125khz with limited formats. Not only can you copy but also input your own id. However there is a strange disclaimer that the English version cannot write custom codes? Looks like the seller made a mistake.

    What formats do you need to support?
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    Think you ment the other way, HF (Nfc/phone)/LF.
    Thanks for the write on the previous question also. The answer is no, got a blue 125khz one already, will use on cheap tags, never on implants as I heard it might "brick" them.
    The 60$ is the Proxmark Easy, found also on Ali.
    The user friendly and "cheaper" Multi tool one is this one
    Saw a video and looks easy.
    So far my usability is limited but at least if I dive into something, I should do it properly. The has the new Proxmark, looks delicious as design and much more James Bond-ish, Hahahaha...
    Is it me or that 15$ looks super shady?!
    Decisions decisions...
  • Yeah mixed those around, fixed it incase someone else reads later.

    The $15 scanner I found looks shady but given its format limitations it probably works as it says in its description.

    That one you found is what my sister would have needed to clone her photocopy card. It can handle simple formats but also encrypted formats like HID Prox. I could never find a cheap one what had a decryption function for HID Prox.

    But to just change ID on writable tags from Ali you won't need decryption.
    Also I think you need an encrypted format compatible RFid tag to take advantage of those formats I haven't found an animal RFid tag that supports them. But DT has them so it must be possible to find somewhere

    The LCD screen is a nice touch and it seems easy to use.
    I wouldn't assume it to be more stable than the $15 one.

    It's not so easy to choose because there's a large difference in both cost and functionality that seems quite justifiable.

    I'm going to keep searching might find something else.

  • @Nama
    Yeah, well said, not easy to pick one. The one with Lcd looks very interesting but wonder how it writes the capsule microchips...
    I'm at the beginning in this knowledge grasping quest regarding Rfid so will learn about encryption later, so far I have no idea about the exact types and difference between them.
    What do you think about the bundles? They're definitely not cheap but should be the top of the line...
  • lab401 is a pentesting/hacking equipment site.
    that's the kind of thing you'd consider if want to try and crack/clone tougher encryption.

    But will it prevent tag a from bricking? Can't say myself.

    If you plan on getting really serious about RFid then you might be able to make use of it and consider it a good investment. It's overkill for the average person who only changes a tag ID 2 or 3 times.

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