Free CRISPER Beta Kits Available from The Odin!

Posted below is a link to request access for a CRISPR Beta Testing Kit, provided by The Odin:

Unfortunately, it is only available in the U.S., but it's better than nothing. Excited to hear any follow-up!


  • You know.. I've really always liked the idea of having little classes but it never really works out. One exception, I think that the implantation wetwork class before the last grindfest was awesome and got great feedback. Anyhow, maybe it would be more effective if we treated skills like other instruction books do.

    I got this book on carving with a chainsaw. The danger level of this book makes anarchist cook book look lame. It starts with you making a shitty chair. Then a slightly less shitty chair.. progressing until you get to ok chairs. Along the way you learn a bunch of techniques. It's the same approach that books regarding electronics use. Build a shitty circuit. Make a slightly less shitty circuit.. and so on. Im not suggesting we made badges or anything stupid.. just rambling mostly. It's just frustrating to me that I'm working on a bunch of cool shit and could do do much.. but my lack of ee skills means I can't make a shitty circuit much less one worth implanting. I feel the same about GE fun. I can lecture on genetics but have next to zero experience in the lab. So basically useless knowledge. I think this kit looks like a cool way to pick up some skills.
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