Haworth Magnet Implant Progress

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After so many years of researching and waiting...
After a great deal of practice with a scalpel and sutures...
After the successful but temporary implantation of a SMM magnet (removed after a month for testing)...
After my first failed attempt at implanting a Haworth (it was way bigger than I expected and I wasn't able to make the incision wide enough the first time)...

I FINALLY got this thing inside my hand! YES!


I'm on Day 6 now. No heat, swelling, or soreness.

I'm glad that I got two RFID chips implanted before this, because otherwise I would probably be freaked out by how visible the magnet is under my skin. Fortunately, it looks about the same as the implants did before they healed up so I'm not too worried about that.

I'm uncomfortable that the stitches came out so early though. Can someone tell me if this looks good so far? I'm tempted to add another stitch but I really think I need to just leave the damn thing alone already.


  • So after a little over a month, I decided to remove the magnet.

    It's difficult for me to gauge sensitivity in the left side of my body due to neuropathic nonsense. From the beginning, though, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the placement. That, combined with iffy senses, made me choose to take it out for testing just in case.

    The good news! Upon removal, there seemed to be no degradation at all. The magnet was still 100% functional and intact when I took it out. Until I took a scalpel directly to it, the silicone fully maintained its structural integrity. I've taken photos throughout this time which I plan to upload when I get the chance, but I'm very happy to say that neither the magnet nor its casing was subject to failure. Healing went smoothly as well, even though the magnet was, again, more shallow than it should have been placed.

    I've already ordered a new Haworth, and since the scarring on the blade of my left hand has healed over I plan on implanting the new magnet around that location. Since this post hasn't been too active, I'll post updates here.

  • I've had my magnet in for 2 years. Steve did the procedure personally for me.
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