Looking for anyone who's tried to hack their own genes or is interested in trying for an article


I'm a freelance journalist and I'm conducting a survey to gauge the interest and extent of DIY gene hacking in the community following the recent high-profile incidents involving Josiah Zayner and Aaron Traywick. This short survey will help inform an article that may be published on Medium. All the data will be anonymized, so please respond honestly. Take the survey now and help me figure out if DIY gene hacking is thing: https://goo.gl/forms/AWZE8qRKh6fV8oFf2

Thank you for your help and please forward this survey to anyone who may be interested in DIY gene editing or get in touch with me directly :)


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    If u r looking for stuff like that look up Glow in the dark beer and to my knowledge look at some criper gene edit tool ( FYI I might have spelled it bad ) and Welcome To the Bord!!

    And pls link the article here so the others can check the information. This is not to be mean we just like the facts

    I also want to read it because I like seeing a new prospect of this stuff.
  • CRISPR gene editing, while revolutionary and interesting, unfortunately only works at on a single cell at a time. CRISPR alone unfortunately isn't feasible for genetic biohacking, unless you were a single celled zygote.

    Anyways, I'll share this around with my friends!

  • single celled zygote

    One of my favorite insults.

  • Oh ya and u will want to start reading the entire forum that will help
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