SuperMagnetMan TiN N55 Implant journey

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This is a continuation of my previous thread ( which was closed abruptly. The thread was originally intended to update how my experimental implant of a SuperMagnetMan TiN N55. However, the discussion devolved and was promptly closed. Please do not use my thread to discuss the efficacy of implantion, create your own thread for that. Use this solely to show your SuperMagnetMan implant progress like me. As always, if you’re new, do your research before implanting and don’t take my word for it(as a good scientist should anyway)

Q: Did you apply the epoxy?
A: No, that is for a future project when I have more time

Q: Why did you implant?
A: After conducting my own research, I felt it was safe enough.

Q: Where do I get one?
A: please test and clean your magnets responsibly.

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  • Day 15-28: Most sensitivity is back but I
    I’m taking Vitamin B-complex to be safe. Like @Rytcd I had a problem with bulging and a pale spot which I think is merely scar tissue and my body trying to remove the soot from the magnet. I do not believe it’s a coating failure since others’ rejection seem to have discoloration and pain. Minimal pain when provoked, and more sensitivity to things such as feeling my AirPods through my pocket.
  • What is the vitamin-b for? I'm implanting soon and trying to learn as much about after care as possible :)

  • Vitamin B-complex theoretically helps promote nerve growth
  • @nothot You should put some photos up.

  • This is by fav thread
  • 1 1/2 year update: noticed a lack of sensitivity and blackening of the tissue. I was dreading taking it out but I knew it was the responsible thing to do. I'm very glad I did as any longer and the coating might as well have well not been there.

    Finger pre-removal:
    Magnet post-removal:

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