Group Buy: N52 Nd Au & Parylene-C Coated Magnets



  • Any news? Did I miss anything?
  • No there is no news yet.  Only three weeks have passed since the order and they gave a 7-9 week lead so I probably won't hear anything until around August. When I hear anything from them I will post it. 
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    posting error my bad
  • Not sure if there are extras or anyone looking to sell, but i would love to get a hold of a few. thanks!

    FL, USA
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    Hey, could I get 20 of these? I can pay with BTC or Paypal.

    Edit: Got really excited and didn't read the entire thread. Does anyone have extra from this order they would sell?

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    If you have a few left over when the order gets there, I'll take up to 10.
  • I'd like 10 if these are still available.
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    I'd like up to ten if that is possible please. 

    Thank you :)
  • If another group order ever gets placed I'd like to get in on 20.

    Thank you.
  • Is there still any surplus in the order? Could I get 10 please? Thanks!
  • I am also keen for about 10 surplus if possible.
    I'm in New Zealand.
  • counting all the people above together the "are any surplus left?" magnets sum up to over 100 magnets.

    i recommend the interested people initiate a new group buy (means open a new group buy thread, gather the people who are interested, settling on a kind of magnets, picking someone to order them etc.).
  • You can also buy low quantities from Amazon:  I got 10 for <$20 with shipping.  $1.68 per magnet.  Seem strong enough.
  • last news was july, anything new?
  • Good timing with the question, I just received these but was not home until late tonight.  I will be sending PM's over the next couple of days to get addresses and such.  I was moving when I ordered these and they wanted to wait to get the shipping and billing address when they were ready to ship and they showed up next day from our conversation about addresses.  I will either post pictures or a link to pictures of the magnets sometime tomorrow morning (EST).  
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    Ok here is a link to some photos of the magnets.    
    I have one on my ring finger to give an idea of its size and also next to a grain of rice. 
    I will have to get an estimate for shipping but I'm guessing it won't be much since they weigh next to nothing. I will be using the bubble pack mailers and will place the magnets inside a bag wrapped in packing foam or bubble wrap.  PM's incoming over the next few days, once I get an idea on shipping costs.
  • How do I get some of these magnets?
  •  I'm looking for a few magnets as well.
  • @redfox I have some disc type magnets available if you're interested. Details in the "New Zealand group buy" thread
  • @DCWhathe & @Redfox, I am sending out the information to the people who originally wanted in and if anyone isn't interested in getting what they requested then I'll have some leftover to sell to those who have asked, although there are quite a few requests so I don't know if it would make it this far down or not. Once I have a headcount I will start working down the list.
  • @All
    I have sent PM's to everyone that got in for the order. I just sent a generic msg but I forgot to mention if you are not interested anymore or want fewer let me know, it's not a problem as there seems to be plenty of interest from others.
  • I am also interested in picking up extras if any are available.
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    I too would also purchase up to 100 if there are any more laying around or another group-buy is planned in the future.

    edit: I'm in the USA

    also It'd be great to grab 5-10 extras that anyone has laying around :D
  • If there are any more of these laying around I would definitely be interest in purchasing them. I live in the US
  • 2 years after the fact, I kind of doubt it.
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    Have any extras? I would be interested in some! (Nevermind, saw it's 2 years old now...)
  • Wish i had a time machine right about now.
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