N52+ Magnet Implants

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What kind of changes would there be if someone implanted a magnet that is N53 or higher? How would it affect the the implantee's health? Would


  • The only difference is that the magnet will be slightly stronger. Health concerns generally have more to do with fighting infection, preventing oxidation, etc.
  • bigger, stronger, magnets might be more annoying day-to-day simply because finding yourself accidentally picking up silverware and stuff can be uncomfortable, but this shouldn't be dangerous as long as you are a bit careful.

    that being said, I have woken up with my finger stuck to my iron bedframe, and was in pain for quite a bit afterwards. in extreme cases, this sort of thing can severely damage the skin over the magnet and cause irritation/rejection. but all that is still more of an annoyance than an actual danger to life or limb.

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