Any updates on the best magnet to implant?

After digging around, I've found a few options. Cheap ebay gold plated magnets should be avoided since the coating isn't nearly good enough. Out of a batch of 50 that I tested, all of them failed. That leaves the m31 from dangerous things (still back ordered, will it ever arrive?), super magnet man-which I've heard mixed things about, and Steve Haworth with silicone coated magnets.

As of right now, I will probably go with Steve Haworth. Originally I was trying to avoid silicone coatings but it seems like he's the only feasible option right now.

Am I missing anything? Are there any updates on whether or not dangerous things will will actually bring back the m31?

This will be my second attempt at my first implant, so any advice from experienced people is welcome.


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