Grindhouse Preparing to Launch Northstar V2, Looking to Expand

You may know the Grindhouse Wetware recently spun off a separate entity, Livestock Labs, to bring a cattle-focused version of our Circadia device to market. We're about to do this again, and spin off a new entity to bring the "Northstar V2" to market.

The "Northstar V2" is currently designed to be an implantable device with sensors that allow it to determine position and orientation, which enable gesture recognition and the control of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices. V2 also has a programmable tricolor LED to shine through the skin.

If nothing else, we plan for this project to demonstrate, once and for all, the steps one would need to take to legally bring an elective/augmentative (non-medical) implanted device to market.

Because the bulk of Grindhouse's team is currently occupied by Livestock Labs, we're looking to expand our team to take V2 to the finish line. We're particularly interested in those with experience in electrical engineering, software engineering, or the medical device industry, and especially people familiar with the following -


  • Embedded C
  • Nordic Semiconductor products (especially nRF52832 chip)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy


  • RF design and layout
  • Experience with powering small embedded devices & wireless power
  • KiCAD (design program)

If you're interested in getting involved, you'll need to fill out this form -

Let me know if you have any questions!

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