Six devices installed at once

Two Firefly V2s below the collarbone, two Flex DF NFC tags on the back of the hands, two magnets on the bottom of the hands, Samppa's in my right, Cassox's in my left.


  • It's been seven hours and the Firefly V2s are bright and easy to see in dim light.

  • Amazing.
    Would you recommend the FlexDF in this position.

  • @Sandra said:
    Would you recommend the FlexDF in this position.

    I went by using the same location I have seen others use and it seems like a good spot to me but, of course still too early to be sure

  • Beautiful. I would love to see a comparison of the Sampaa and mine healing posted each week here if you're agreeable. I mean, a comparison in a single person doesn't mean much but I know that the fellow who did your work is super consistent. I've noticed that these acrylates seem to heal really quickly even when applied to things that are huge.
  • @Cassox
    I'll definitely post update photos.

  • Missed a day, here is an eight day update:
    Day one: was easily able to see the glow of the Fireflys.
    Day three: was feeling Samppa's magnet buzzing in my hand when a just over a foot away from an active microwave.
    Day five: I banged my Firefly on left side, nearly pushed it out, caused insertion point to bleed.
    Day eight:bright and sunny out with curtains partly closed and Fireflys still easily visible.

  • The healing looks great :)
    I have a magnet from Samppa in my left ringfinger - the anti theft gates from the library were amazing - I felt them on the second day.

  • 2 Week update FlexDF on left hand may have gotten infected or trying to reject, worked on it last night and it is starting to improve, all others are healing well.

  • 21 day update: infection or whatever was going on with the left Flex DF has gone and is healing well, all others healing well

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