An introduction is in order!

Hello! I am so excited to find this community for something that I have dreamed of since I was a child. It is so good to see everyone getting involved and making this into the technology of tomorrow. As someone who has wanted this since he was a wee child I want to try do my part and try develop an easier consumer option.

Aside from that I am just your average 26 year old man without anything interesting of note. I hope I can get along with you all and learn from your experiences so that we might one day be able to enhance ourselves in the same casual way as people now days get earrings.

If you have any stories I would love to hear them and I would love it if others worked towards the same goal of making these procedures more accessible for everyone. Until then I will be mostly lurking to absorb as much as I can to get up to speed with what is going on here already.

Have a good day!


  • Where ya from?

  • I am from Sweden. I feel silly for not including it previously now..

  • Hi, welcome to the forums. :)

  • Welcome to the forums. I don't think that a 26-year-old who is interesting in cyborgs is uninteresting. We are glad to have you here.

  • Well everything interesting in my life basically happens on the internet. I do not pay much attention to real life so to speak and I found it extremely boring as it is.

  • Awesome to see another person in Sweden on here. Which part of Sweden you in?

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    I am from the county of Västernorrland. It has a nice balance of nature and civilization considering I can have a 10 000 Mbit/s connection in the middle of nowhere its pretty amazing.

  • Oh nice, I've never been up there. Sounds like a great area though. I live near Malmö myself.

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