Looking for a security primer

Hi all

I co-founded and write most of https://hpluspedia.org/, the transhumanist wiki. I'm keen to cover all types of transhumanists and adjacent in the project and would love any and all of your contributions. :)

However that's not why I'm signed up. I have two major interests, cybercrime and transhumanism. Currently they have incompatibilities with regards to the 'shiny-and-functional-first' approaches I've seen in biohackers, and I feel I'm well placed to start some holistic security analysis of threat models surrounding functional implant and stick-on technologies.

My current taxonomy is terrible and I would much rather refer to an existing one, but I can't find one.

My initial security analysis requires the stronger taxonomy first and I'm going to be playing soon with some (stick-on!) NFC devices to work out that threat model in more details.

I'd be very interested in existing resources covering this area specifically, even if they only cover a small areas. My connections with journalists and NGOs means that secret and secure technologies of this nature have a very practical use beyond y'know, merging with the machines - can anyone advise? :)

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