Who implants subdermal implants professionally?

I'm interested in not only getting implants but also developing and implanting implants for people as a job, what qualifications would I need to be able to do that legally in Australia if any, hoping I don't have to go down the 7+ years of medical school to become a surgeon route


  • I don't really know the detail in Australia, but in the US it's a bit more complicated then that. Legality often takes into account things like the tools being used and the intent of the device. For example, some places don't allow the use of a scalpel by body mod artists. If a device is intended to diagnose or treat a disease it's pretty much a no go across the board. Moreover, these regulations differ on the county level. So if you go over a few miles, what was legal may now be illegal. You might consider going in and speaking to a few artists at studios. I'm sure they'd be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Which part of Australia are you in? In Sydney there might be some people there that are on it who might be able to help. Not too sure about other cities.

    On facebook we have groups BioHackSyd or BioHackQLD where people deeply involved in implants (including the famous Meow Meow).

  • What kind of new implants are you trying to develop?
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