Pellucid Ver. 3 Availability

As mentioned in the original pellucid thread, I've created a submission form in order to keep better track of magnet orders. The most recently trialed coating has so far been fantastic. It's been applied to not only disc magnets but a number of much larger units such as an oversized RFID antenna which had been able to be read from over a foot away.
I've been asking participants to have a CBC, BMP, AST, and ALT drawn before implantation, at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. This isn't required to receive a sample; however, if you're willing to have these labs drawn talk to me about getting a unit comped. I'm offering 10 each of 3 different sizes/dimensions of magnets. If you're interested, please fill out a request form. I'm asking 60$ per unit plus shipping. I've found a much less expensive means of shipping so it will actually work out to be about the same if you're in the US. I'm also going to be updating my blog with the data from the previous versions as well as guides regarding testing and coating.


  • I'm certainly interested, where's the link to the request form?

  • Have been following the magnet and am very interested. Would you still consider the V3 a "beta"?

  • Definitely still a beta. Each version has had some changes but the ultimate intent isn't even to turn this particular coating into a commercial product. The point of this is to test out materials which can be used for prototyping and for Grinders working on one off projects.

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    Also, I'll be responding to submissions today.

  • Ok, I'm going to close out this batch next week. If you want to be part of this batch and haven't filled out the form and paid you should do it soon.

  • Ok, so I'm going to be closing the submission form in the am. If we've already spoken but you haven't sent payment, please make sure to do so soon as I won't be producing more then number I've already finalized. Thanks.

  • I hope I'm not too late! I saw that the submission form was still open, so I sent a request just in case. I'll still be looking forward to your next batches and models though, whether or not the Pellucid V3 is currently available. You do some pretty impressive work.

  • 2 questions

    1. Are these still open for purchase
    2. If yes, I already have a Haworth magnet. Would it be worth it to try and get a sample of these to implant instead?
  • Agoramachina, if it got through then I'm planning to make it. I'll be sending an update to everyone today. Sorry FullDiver, I've already made the majority and am getting ready to ship. The performance of these newer magnets is supposed to be better then the Haworth magnet; however, his have a really long track record. These are totally experimental. Generally, on the biohack boards we're working on cool new stuff that isn't really intended as a commercial product.
    For example, the Diamond type magnets that were produced seemed great but ended up adding about a year onto the lifespan of an M31. Many of them all failed around the same time and had to be removed. Testing methods have gotten better and these new acrylics don't seem to have the same issues but who knows? Ultimately we'll have to see how it goes. In terms of biocompatibility they're safe, but mechanical characteristics can be difficult to predict.

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