Benefits o using magnets to treat many sicknesses and chronic pain.

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My name is Israel, I am from Brazil. I tested the use of magnets to aliviate symptoms of some neurological disorders and pain. I can just stand and dont get dizzy for this, also taquicardy has been aliviated.

I implanted a sequence of magnets along my body, resulting in a new form of see the world ( forehead one), also, sthrenghtening my body where located, and releasing much pain. I wanted to share these little results.


  • The brain is a powerful thing. I read a case study where a heroine addict who injected a placebo became tachycardic and hypertensive. It's difficult to differentiate between placebo effect and therapeutic benefit. Furthermore, a control group had to account for other possibilities. For example, maybe the position of these magnets are putting pressure on the vagus nerve.

    I'm glad that you've gotten relief from whatever was ailing you, but unless you've got some good research to back up your ideas it isn't likely to be taken seriously on this form. Evidence based reasoning is very important.

    That doesn't mean this post should be disregarded. My question would be, how could we design a study to determine if the claims about magnets are valid? Also, have studies already been done which show that magnets do not treat tachycardia?
  • Also, the link is interesting. Do you have a login to it?
  • No, I dont have. In my case, I am having principles of epilepsy. Family history, probably genetic heritage. Nothing, but sugar and drugs avoid me to start to tremble. The magnets showed themselves as useful as the sugar, to calm down. And inverted, I feel inverted influence. And yes, I tested a lot to assure it was not placebo only.

  • Normally I forget everything. Everything. This is a symptom. And if I force, it evolutes to frenzy. As I said, magnets showed themselves, not a cure, but kind of my mind is not a painful hurricane. Maybe its the focus on it. I will test more. But I trust this theory yet.

  • The intention is to see if someone has something about it, or not, to get conclusions, if it is not expect much.

  • By the way, since childhood, I am an addict to eletric shock.

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    Personal experience is only useful on a small scale, even a study involving one singular individual is prey to bias and variability preventing a solid conclusion. If you continue you need to research the physiological interactions causing these benefits and carefully determine risks before creating a control group.

    Before you continue experimenting it is critical you find out the cause of the benefits so you can mitigate risks and optimize it. As Cassox mentioned there may be a psychological cause of the benefits, of which it is necessary to research the cause in order to able to prevent it from influencing the outcome.

  • Yeah, i agree with you, but I dont resist to mentalize about its potential. I will be aware, ok.

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    only effect i'm aware of that permanent magnets have on the human body is to slightly increase local oxygen levels in the tissue due the iron contents of hemoglobin (iirc). Not really sure that'll do a whole lot. I've read reports that this effect ever so slightly improves healing processes, but really not that much.

  • Interesting. I haven't read about that before. Of course there's a ton at stuff that happens with really powerful fields. Nothing that a permanent mag can muster
  • Yeah, in fact some healing processes Ive noticed difference. Maybe uniformity to cure.
  • What if the magnets r acting as a sixth sense that helps your brain understand the the environmental and for u this might be akin to being car sick and implanting the magnets is like looking out the window of a car
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