I have coated magnets with cyanocrylate and implanted myself. Danger?

Before knowing about biohacking sites, I have done by myself implants. The objective was to cure constant pain and delirium caused by neurologic sickness. I covered them with cyanocrylate. Two of them have become swollen, but the first one is curing well.


  • I discovered. It seems that two of them are broken. I will have to remove. The one in the tragus is working for now. The one that keeps my stomach with less pain is also working.

  • which cyanoacrylate did you use? generally I'd recommend to take them out because i very much doubt they'r long term stable (think about moisture and neodymium magnets).

  • I already removed one. The stable one I am gonna leave to see. Next, I must try silicone.

  • I've played around with cyanoacrylates a lot actually. I've never found any that I'd use. What did you coating look like? Even with a mold, I always ended up with a really rough uneven surface. They're great to bond things together, but really don't work to coat or pot things.
  • Yeah, it became porous, hurts to install. But they dont seem to allow moisture to affect magnets(unless badly done).

  • A doctor here in Brazil, glued the heart of old woman with cyanocrylate. She died 14 years later for other complications. The only problem is the low resistance to impact.

  • It's great for bonding but doesn't work as a fill or coating really. So sure, it's good for some applications but I've never seen it work for this one.
  • It was in a urgence experiment, I chose it. Next ones, I am gonna try better. I will say if it badly works, I do not advice anyone to do same. But I wanna know a material that lasts more. I will try.
  • A bit off topic, but I'm curious: what exactly is the implant that you put in your body to try to stop the chronic pain and delirium?

  • On the chest, and on the forethumb. I had problems, looking for better coatings. A good magnet had more or less the effect of a painkiller.
  • Cyanocrylate cracks easily. I m gonna research better.
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