Feasibility of postaxial polydactyly mod

Extra pinky mod.  Is this something that has to be triggered during fetal development, or do I still have a chance?


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    The only way I can imagine that happening is by turning your cells into stem cells - or something along those lines.  I am unsure of whether it is possible, sorry - but I'll do some research. 
  • Whats the purpose of the extra pinky? The few people I know with an extra finger aren't benefitted by it- seems more of an inconvenience and only barely functional.
  • I've seen fully functional pinky's and thumbs and was pretty impressed.  I've always wanted them.
  • I've once read about a full wing being regrown on a chicken using modified beta-cathenine (not sure about the spelling by now), so this may be not that difficult. The problem, however, is the 20% chance of cancer such procedures usually have...
  • Interesting.  Do you know if the wing was functional?
  • In the cases not resulting in cancer: wouldn't know why not. In my opinion it would only be "regrown" if  it was really a new wing and not only some meat and bone...
    Also they were able to grow teeth on birds. Within the peak they hat teeth growing, only primitive ones, but hey, who cares. No genetic modification, the genomic information is already hidden in birds.
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    A different approach perhaps? Maybe you've read about Kevin Warwick's nerve electrodes: http://www.kevinwarwick.com/Cyborg2.htm

    A robotic pinky could be surgically attached to the bone in your hand, and an array of electrodes fired into your nerves would allow you to control it. 

    Of course, I'm just assuming you want an extra digit just for the sake of having an extra digit. Personally I wouldn't stop there, I would put something like this on the back of my hand:

  • I can think of a lot of places where this would be cool.  Good find.
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    Sorry @DirectorX What you have to remember is that the muscles to move your fingers are kept in your forearm. Unless you know of a way to grow a pinky As Well As tendons and muscles that are attached to said pinky as well as the nervous system it would be completely useless.

    That there prosthetic on the other hand, my oh man would that be useful. You could have as many arms as you could learn how to use. It'd be brilliant!
  • @ Version2 - Fuck using that just as a pinky, give me a prehensile tail.
  • @ShadowConcept  if a mechanical tail is all you want, i made up an easy to build mechanism for that. it uses memory wires which are bend if the tail is straight. by applying current, the wire goes back into its straight form, bending the tail.
    a rather cheap and robust mechanic. requires quite some power for heating the wires but there is plenty of space. good luck getting it attached tho. transdermal bone anchors aren't available on amazon. i might build it sooner or later for some cosplayer i know, conventionally attached tho. its rater easy to control the tail's motion using a microcontroller. 
  • Nice! What's the rate of change of memory wire - just the heat transfer coefficient of the wire? Any idea what kind of precision you could get, or what force?
  • contraction cycles times are mostly based on the heat transfer, thus closely related to the diameter, which again is the related to the strength. the thicker, the stronger, the slower, the more power requirements.
  • Hmm. More Old World than New World monkey, then.
    I've a half-arsed idea for a quicker-responding articulated tail involving pull-wires, but it's dexterity would still be less than useful. No third grasping limb for me yet, boo.
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