Third Thumb Prosthetic

What are the options of people on this:

This seems like an art project so it will probably never see a commercial release (I believe this thing should cost 15$ and I would buy it) and the author have not seen to release schematics. Which is sad.


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    I like it. I doubt the price would be only $15 but I hope they either offer it commercially or release the schematics. I'm sure someone could reverse engineer it and make one for their self. I expect to see some homemade versions of it before too long.

    The thumb itself shouldn't be that hard to make. The motors, sensors, and controller would be harder but maybe not that bad. I haven't experimented with bluetooth at all but that part could be done with longer wires.

  • It looks like a plastic frame with some muscle wire and a controller/battery unit. You could probably easy make one for $15 depending where you're sourcing parts, and how much access you have to fabrication tech, honestly.

  • Funnily enough, I'm actually working on something very similar to this except with myoelectric functionality (muscle controlled) and using electroactive polymer bending actuators rather than what looks to be wire and motors in this one. Will let you know how it turns out.
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