teflon coated magnets and update on hpde coatings

https://www.supermagnete.de/eng/disc-magnets-neodymium/disc-magnet-diameter-5mm-height-5mm-neodymium-n45-teflon-coated_S-05-05-T here is the link, im not implanting them nor do i have any but i was thinking if someone else is looking for "decent" implant magnet. they are only n45 but should be enough for sensing, the big pro whit these is the teflon coating, it will last a decade. tomorrow i will starts trying to coat magnets by powdering hdpe plastic and heating the magnet to high temperatures then sprinkle the hdpe powder on the magnet, i also have started buiding a remagnetizer to restore the hdpe coated magnets.


  • Nothing below N52 is worth implanting

  • Also high temperatures can demagnetize the magnet

  • Yeah. I have a few Teflon coated magnets. The Teflon is really thick. Awesome material though. I've been playing with polyethylene for other reasons. It's fun stuff. I wonder if you could melt it, pour it into a mold and then push a magnet into it while it was cooling but not too hot. Alternatively you could mill a container, put the mag inside and then heat weld it together.
    PE and Ptfe are both excellent options as they absorb almost no fluid or vapor. Keep giving updates.
    I agree about n42 being too weak though. Also, while magnetization is possible.. if you get it too hot you can't remag.

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