My new xnt implant from

I just poked in the syringe and installed the xnt into my left hand and yes I was a bleeder I must have hit a vein or something cuz I bled crazily but questions I have or what uses now that I have this installed other than storing data what good is this transponder I mean I see people opening Cars people unlocking doors where do I get information on all that any help would be great


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    I have the flexNT, which works also with 13,56 MHz. I bought also the USB Reader and know I can log in into my computer (works: plug & play) also on a Macbook Air. You must only change your password to your chip ID, and then you can unlock you computer

    I can also unlock my phone: App: "Smart Pass Lock" I refused the newest update on my phone, because after the last update, I had many problems with the app.

    The German Partner from Dangerous Things: Digiwell has some Door Locks on their homepage.

    Unlocking the car: I think some people use the xEM for the car.
    I have the xEM too, and I open a safe with this chip.

    (sorry for some mistakes, I'm from Austria)

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