Myostatin Knock-out and more

Hi all,

I've been pretty interested in human genetic engineering for a long time now. After Dr. Zayner ran his own myostatin experiments and the CEO who injected himself with an HIV treatment. I have the means to produce similar results as these and want to. Lately I've been doing lots of research/reading into the best methods to genetically engineer someone. I feel that I am gaining a rather good understanding of what options there are and the benefits and drawbacks of many of them.

I have been working on making a better myostatin knockout than what Zayner did. I have gone ahead and designed (really just used a program) a plasmid for a CRISPR/Cas9n knockout of myostatin. This would require two Cas proteins to bind in order to cleave the DNA making it drastically more precise than Zayners system (I don't think he wanted it to be super precise).

I have also been reading into many other genes that may confer benefits when changed. I have been reading much about sleep regulating genes, intelligence, mood, and others. Admittedly the research and data isn't there for most of them, so it would take time and likely mouse models to make sure the modification were safe. Myostatin has already had most, if not all, of this research already performed. The only thing remaining for clinical trials is approval from the government (or not).

There are other ways to gain great benefits. I have been looking into epigenetic modifications and using activating and repressing Cas proteins. This would be useful for alternative approaches to modifications.

The point o me mentioning this is two fold. I would need people that knowingly consent to the modifications to run the tests on themselves. You all seem to be pretty intelligent, so I feel I can give you this option without feeling as though you may not understand the risks. Admittedly no one knows all of the risks and that itself is a risk. The second reason is that it would be reasonable to create a business doing this. We could focus on getting clinical research done, potentially pre-clinical, and helping the most people possible.

I can do some research on my own with some willing voyagers (test subjects), but not nearly as much as if we were to team up and work together. Even if we don't work physically close to each other we may at least help with plans.

Feel free to criticize my idea. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, but this post is pretty stream of consciousness and I feel I may have missed some points.

Note: I understand this may be legally grey in America, it may be necessary to send samples outside of the country and for the modifications to be performed there.



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