Three Implants in one week

Sorry for some writing mistakes, my English isn't so perfect - understanding is easier then writing :)

So what I got: a magnet, the flexNT and the xEM :) I have only pictures and a small clip from the xEM.

In Austria the Bodymod Rules are very strict und getting a magnet and the flexNT wouldn't be possible. I got also the information that in Austria it isn't allowed to use a piercing needle which is bigger then 2 mm.

Finding a Bodymod for the magnet was easy, I asked in a German FB Group. (contacts via PM) I think it was in November.
I got a appointment for February or March (depends when I would be able to travel to Germany)
I visited a friend in Germany fo a week.
So I got the 14th of February for the magnet - I must say I was very excited. There was also time for the flexNT. The magnet is from Samppa.

Seeing the first time a small blade sticking on your finger - it is so amazing. I love also th flexNT - since a few days it is also possible for me to unlock the computer :)

On the 17th of February my friends and I travel to an partner from Dangerous Things. Filming and taking pictures was allowed. One of my friends made the pictures and I filmed it with my phone.
With the xEM I can open a safe from "Quick Vent Safes" I cloned the tags to my xEM - works perfect.

Greetings Sandra


  • This is really interesting! I'm only 15 right now and my Mom won't let me get any, but do you have any tips for getting implants once I turn 18?

  • Depends where are you living:
    RFID / NFC Implants
    Europe: US and the rest of the world: You can order them form the Homepage
    Sorry that you Mom didn'T allows you to get an implant. I think you can get a RFID Chip when you are 16 - depends on your county.

    a bit tricky, you must a bodymod who is doing the procedure. (I think you must be 18 or older,...)

    on the picture you can see - the most of my implants:

    6 RFID and 1 magnet

    my 7the RFID is in the upper arm

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