Neodymium Tragus Peircing?

I've read some about tragus implants and a copper coil necklace - could the same thing be achieved with a piercing?

Not really interested in playing music or anything (though that would be cool), but it would be cool if I could receive vibrate it at certain times or when I get notifications of some kind. I also wonder if it would have a similar effect to magnetic field detection?

Anyone done something like this? Have any ideas?


  • So with the disk on the outside where a gem would otherwise be? It's worth trying!

    I've been trying to carve out some spare time in my hectic schedule to build an ear cuff that would be more effective than a copper coil necklace, with an inductor pointed at the site. Audio fidelity isn't historically great, but individual tone comes through nicely; it shouldn't be too hard to build a system that emits specific tones and melodies based on notifications. From there it's easy to build melodies, with tune 1 indicating it's say a Twitter notification, tune 2 specifying if it's from maybe someone on a specific list, or tune 3 if it contains a specific word. With enough repetition and melodic theory stuff, it should be possible for it to become more intuitive over time.

    I haven't had any luck picking up vibrations there from other things I normally can feel through my finger/hand magnets; only audio and only when intentionally directed.

  • Do you have an implant then? I'd love to see any designs you have for an ear cuff. That could be really neat. Would you just power the coil the same as a necklace? If you are down for some collab of some kind I'd love to help out!

  • I do, though my right one is bubbled and needs to be pulled as soon as I get a moment. No real designs yet either, I just took the arduino's "Shave and a Haircut 2 Pence" sound example thing, and swapped the piezo speaker with an inductor. Moving it onto a smaller arduino board (or exploring if the flora platform can handle this) that can run off of battery was my next step.

    I would absolutely love to colab but the dayjob's been pretty demanding as of late, and spare time is slim :( Seems like that initial setup with the arduino build will at least be enough to test the viability of the external but anchored magnet, though!

  • I'd love to see any info you have on this too :) I'm gathering research on the tragus implants

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